It’s been an interesting year for our little blue planet. A lot has happened in 2020, and you may have lost sight of the beginning of the year. So full of promise, hope and new beginnings. 

Do you remember your 2020 New Years resolutions? Lose 20 pounds, go to the gym, buy life insurance….. It’s a little late to lose 20 pounds in 2020 and most of the gyms are still closed…. But guess what?! You can still buy term life insurance.

I bet it would feel great to cross buying term life insurance off your list. One less to do for January 2021. 

Buying life insurance in December makes you calmer and quieter heading into the holidays. It also makes you a better person. So, if you’re seeing family this festive season or avoiding them like the plague, there really is no time to buy life insurance like December.

End the year right by doing the responsible thing for you and your family. Here are the 5 top reasons for buying life insurance in December. 

  • Life insurance makes a heartfelt gift
  • No one needs more plastic toys or socks. Buy a real gift that lasts longer than the time it takes to open it
  • Life insurance will keep you warm at night
  • Cozy and warm in a blanket of money. Who does not want that? 
  • Life insurance is a great use of that travel budget
  • You’re not traveling anywhere, so you may as well spend that cash on something that will last and help your loved ones. Term life insurance 
  • It’s the holidays. You might have a little extra time
  • How much Netflix can you really watch? Take a break from your latest series binge and do a good thing. Get your loved ones covered in case you die from watching too much TV. 
  • Life insurance is the perfect stocking stuffer. And it’s guaranteed to fit
  • Term life insurance is so cheap it fits within most budgets and also fits perfectly in your stocking as well… 

Santa will thank you as well because delivering life insurance is super easy with dropdead. There is no paper, no medicals and no broker (thank god). It’s 100% online and it’s cheap!!

Save the elves a bunch of work and buy your term life insurance from dropdead today!! Mrs. Clause will thank you.