About Dropdead

About Dropdead

dropdead life insurance is a three way collaboration between Assumption Life Insurance, GenRe and dropdead.

dropdead life insurance is a three way collaboration between Assumption Life Insurance, GenRe and dropdead.

Assumption Life Insurance

Assumption Life is 117 years old, started in 1903. Their head office is in the hauntingly beautiful Moncton, New Brunswick 👻! Assumption is super old and stable with a A- rating from A.M. Best. The rating means they will be around for another 117 years no problem. So when it’s time to pay your claim they will be there for sure. Take a gander at: www.assumption.ca

GenRe is 174 years old… that makes Assumption Life look like a spring chicken. Guess who owns GenRe? Berkshire Hathaway!! That’s right, the man with the plan, Warren Buffett owns one of our collaborators. That’s beyond super cool 😎. Check them out at: www.genre.com

As dropdead is the belle of the ball, we will keep our age hush-hush, as that is appropriate for this day and age! What we can tell you is that we are the cheapest, simplest and fastest term life insurance in Canada.  We are technologically streets ahead of the rabble and our customer care is to die for!!! Have a peek and get a quote: https://dropdeadlifeinsurance.ca/get-quote

You can contact us here

You can contact us here

Dropdead Life Insurance Inc.

Licensed life insurance agency in:
Ontario LIC # 37455M
Saskatchewan LIC # 08550
PEI LIC # 44687
Alberta LIC # P-3764549-11170966-2020
Yukon LIC # 2024-17-9137
B.C LIC # 2020-0024183-R01
NWT license: NT-A3-8433-2020
Nova Scotia license # 20277074700000
Manitoba LIA-43891-2617-2020


110 Cumberland Street,
Suite 356, Toronto, M5R 1A6
1-833-666-DEAD (3323)
[email protected]


Assumption Life is leading an insurance revolution in Canada. Facts and accomplishments of Assumption Life include:
  • Uses the most advanced online platforms in Canada allowing instant access to insurance for individual and business clients.
  • Offers insurance to clients who recently suffered a heart attack, had a recent cancer diagnosis or may suffer from other underlying health issues.
  • Offers customizable life insurance plans including both Term and Permanent options
  • Awarded A- (excellent) rating for the 20th consecutive year by A.M. Best
  • Assets under management reached $1.9 billion at the end of 2019
What we are about

Getting life insurance can be easier than buying a pair of jeans.

We are busy all the time and some days we feel as if we barely have a minute to ourselves. We all know that investing in life insurance is the most important thing we can do to protect our loved ones, but it can sometimes be a gruelling hassle to undertake the long application and approval process.

This is why dropdead was created. dropdead is life insurance done differently. It’s fast and it’s affordable – we make the process as easy as possible, with just a few short clicks of a button! With this simple, fast and affordable life insurance, you can buy your policy entirely online and get insured today. If issues do arise as you go through the online process, we will be referred to an agent who can immediately advise and help.

At dropdead, we are focused on improving the financial, physical and mental well-being of Canadians, and we want our consumers to trust us and allow us to deliver on the promises we make. We take pride in helping meet your financial security needs and want to provide an ease of mind to those we serve. Our mission is to help you build wealth and protect your family’s financial security with our variety of life insurance products tailored to best serve your needs.


dropdead life insurance provides
  • A simple online platform with exceptional user experience, across all devices, from computers to mobile phones to tablets.
  • Fast access with an application process that just takes minutes.
  • Affordable protection that eliminates the need to shop around.
How It works

Yes… it’s that easy. It can take less than five minutes, with fewer questions and there are no requirements to give fluids or blood. With just a few short steps, you can have quality insurance coverage at a great price.

dropdead is a great option to protect your family. The dropdead platform will revolutionize the life insurance industry. dropdead is the solution for today’s archaic life insurance system where the insurance companies control the channels of distribution and limit access to information while impeding the transactions of consumers. dropdead is easy, straightforward and honest with our consumers.

The old world mindset and the process of investing in life insurance involve multiple layers of bureaucracy and each layer has to get their cut. With dropdead, there are no layers to go through; it’s simply done from point A to point B. We focus on understanding the intent of our consumers better and take their valuable time into consideration.

Whether you want to get help covering expenses for yourself, your family and your business choose dropdead life insurance, and we will help you out. We can help you out with expert and easy to understand explanations about any and all life insurance expectations you may have.


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