dropdead Affiliate Program

Cash is king. Sign up as an affiliate and start earning cash today. Did I mention you should probably buy life insurance at the same time?

You know dropdead is the cheapest and best life insurance in Canada 🇨🇦!! So now it’s time to let your friends and family knows as well. They get covered and you get paid. That’s a nice little win win!!

You trust us and they trust you. Get your referral pants on and let’s get to work making you some cash while you’re still alive.

Why partner with

  1. For every referral you make that does an application you earn a $100
  2. We give you an online affiliate dashboard to monitor your cash
  3. We teach you everything you need to know
  4. We are rated 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot
  5. dropdead is the cheapest and easiest online life insurance portal.

Sign Up

We love life and death at dropdead. If you’re Canadian 🇨🇦 come along and sign up. Help your peeps get covered and make some stone cold cash along the way. Your alive, get paid. You die… get paid again. That’s a good thing.


We do all the work for you. We set up a link for you and your affiliate account. We even make the templates that you send out. All you do is: Cut, Paste, Send – GET PAID. We will do the rest. You surfing Insta, FB, LinkedIn etc. You may as well make some money while doing it. You share you get paid.


We send you $100 for every application submitted even if your peeps get declined you still get paid. Check other sites no one has this sweet deal.

Other ways we can work together


We write all your content. Want a video? We will make you a video. Want a blog? We will write you a blog. Want a pony? Your on your own 😀

Speaking Events

You want us to jump on a zoom call or video conference just give us a call and we will make that happen. Our team is good looking and young but still smarter than anyone else.

Literally anything else…

What’s on your mind? We can make it happen. Clearly we are a cut above the rest, which is not hard. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions!