Death is top of mind and mortality is low. What does that mean? It means everyone is thinking about their mortality, but very few people are dying. It’s a wonderful time to be an insurance company. So too, if you are a person looking to buy life insurance…. the timing could not be better! 

We get a lot of clients asking if they can still buy life insurance in this time of Covid. The answer is absolutely yes!! In fact, Covid has greatly decreased the three “B’s” of life insurance: blood, bureaucracy, and bullshit. The timing has never been better!

Customers who want to buy life insurance have benefitted greatly from Covid in 4 main areas:

1.) No- medical limits have increased. This means customers can buy bigger policies online without medical exams or blood and urine. Customers can now buy up to $2 million of coverage with no real fuss or fanfare. All online, no broker required.  

2.) Technology at insurance companies has gotten better. Customers can now e-sign documents, apply totally online, and not need to speak to a broker. Thank god for that!! 

3.) Pricing has stayed the same. Customers can still enjoy the same low prices they had before Covid. 

4.) Customers have better online access without the need for brokers.  There’s no need to speak to a broker at all. But if you do, if you have questions or need clarification, or maybe you are just feeling lonely that day and need someone to talk to………our brokers are the friendliest, most chill brokers in all the land!

Leading the online life insurance charge is dropdead term life insurance. dropdead is fast, simple, cheap and the customer service is to die for. 

Ask yourself this question: Can you afford to die suddenly? If you cannot afford to die right now then you need term life insurance. There really is no reason to wait or make up dumb excuses why you don’t need term life insurance. Just step up and get it done.  After all, we don’t question why we need car insurance, it’s just one of those adult things we know we have to do. Same goes for life insurance. No one wakes up one day, excited to shop around for life insurance. It’s just one of those boring, but essential tasks we must do to be responsible humans

With dropdead it’s so totally easy and cheap anyone can do it. Whether you are an 18-year-old college student or a 49-year-old new parent….or anyone in between! There is never a bad time to buy life insurance. Put it on your to-do list and get a sweet feeling of satisfaction once you have applied and can cross that off your list. Give yourself a little “woo-hoo,” you rock star, you!!  Did we mention dropdead is the cheapest and best in Canada? 

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get covered now. Your loved ones or a charity near you will thank you for it.