It’s 2020 and the World Wide Web has completely changed the process of researching and purchasing life insurance. Gone are the days of your parents insurance broker sitting across from you at the dinner table speaking in a suit and tie. It’s 8pm and all you want to do is relax in your PJs and sip a glass of wine. Well you can!
A process that used to take several weeks or months may now be done conveniently online with a purchasing experiences like ours at dropdead life insurance, an Assumption and GenRe backed life insurance agency.
First, you’ll calculate your needs using our calculator or, if you already know how much you want, get a quote for coverage in seconds.
dropdead term life insurance can do up to $450,000 of coverage with an upper age limit of 45 with no blood or pee required. Over 450k and 45 you will need to speak to a boring middle aged white guy with grey shoes. Just kidding, our team is super young and looks like the United Colours of Benetton.
Secondly, enter your email address and start to apply online. The application will ask 15 questions about your lifestyle and health to determine your final pricing. If approved, coverage can start within 48 hours.
The only thing you are not be able to do online is have a nurse visit your home for a medical exam. Above $500,000 of life insurance coverage requires a short medical exam. It is easy to setup and we are there to help you along the way.
The secret ingredient of dropdead life insurance is where a medical exam may not be needed. If you are a healthy adult in Ontario under 45 years of age you can sit in your tighty Whities and buy life coverage without a medical exam in minutes. It’s very important to be honest when completing the application. The issuance of the policy or payment of benefits may depend upon the answers given in the application and their truthfulness.
Purchasing Life insurance doesn’t have to confusing and difficult. So take care of yourself and your family. Pause Netflix for 15 minutes and get the piece of mind that you and your family are covered for life.
dropdead life insurance: don’t wait until it’s too late.