Are you ready to become a living legend and buy term life insurance from the best and cheapest online platform in Ontario, dropdead term life insurance? There are no medical exams for policies up to $450,000 if your 45 years old and under. If you over 45 and need more than 450 grand, then you will need to do a medical exam.  It’s really not that bad. You pee in a cup and the medical technician takes a couple vials of blood. You do all this in the comfort of your own home. Nice and easy.

So how do you prepare to buy term life insurance from dropdead when you need a medical? Super simple, we love simple and being the best. I am sure you had noticed that by now. We also give most of our profit to charity because it’s the right thing to do. That makes you and us feel really good.

Ok it’s the night before your medical. Have dinner at a reasonable time, say before 9pm. No booze or weed for dessert. In fact, skip dessert entirely. Go to bed. Wake up the morning of your medical and drink one litre of room temperature water. The best time for an insurance medical is in the morning at 7, 8 or 9am. That’s because your body is the cleanest. You have not eaten for a long period of time and you have drunk a lot of water. So, you down a litre of water. Your first and second pee of the day goes in the toilet. The third pee of the day goes in the cup for the medical technician. Then it’s blood time. Ask the technician to use a butterfly needle in your hand if you are afraid of needles. Butterflies are way more user friendly than the traditional crow bar to the arm vein. Either way, give blood and then your set with fluids.

The med tech is going to ask you a couple questions. Answer them honestly but do not add additional details and blab on about anything. Simple answer yes or no. Be 100% honest and factual but do not add additional fluff and commentary. Med techs can and will write down really stupid sh!t if you go off script. That can be confusing for the medical underwriting at the insurance companies. Keep it simple, chatter box!!

A couple salient points:

  • A medical exam is sometimes part of the life insurance application process depending on the coverage you are applying for.
  • Insurance companies use the results to see if you qualify for life insurance and how much you’re going to pay.
  • Your medical history, pee and blood are determining factors in you getting life insurance.
  • If you don’t want to take a medical exam then buy $450,000 and be under 45 years old.

Do you have to pay for a life insurance medical exam?

Nope, dropdead will take care of that for you. Zero cost to you. Free as a bird. After all, it’s you that’s getting jabbed with a needle and handing a cup of your own pee to a stranger in your home. Is that not the weirdest concept ever? I find it bizarre but kinda funny at the same time. If you want the best and cheapest term life insurance available in Ontario then you just need to bite the bullet and get er done eh, dropdead style?!

What do they look for in life insurance medical exam blood and urine tests?

The blood and urine tests give medical underwriters information about the state of your current health. From the samples you provide they can determine your:

  • Blood-sugar levels (Glucose, Hemoglobin A1c)
  • Blood protein levels (Albumin, Globulin, Total proteins)
  • Heart health (Cholesterol, HDL/LDL, Triglycerides)
  • Liver function (Liver enzymes, ALT, AST, CGT, Bilirubin)
  • Kidney function (Creatinine, urea)
  • Tobacco or drug use
  • HIV
  • Urinalysis (Glucose, creatinine, micro albumin, protein, RBC/WBC)

These are good for determining your heart health and associated risks, whether you have diabetes, impaired functionalities of kidney or liver or HIV, and whether you’ve been honest about your smoking.
Your all set for medical. Well done for making the decision to buy term life insurance from dropdead. Your loved ones will be really proud of you for buying simple, fast and affordable term life insurance from the best in the business, dropdead life insurance.

Don’t wait till it’s too late. dropdead term life insurance is the best and cheapest life insurance solution you could wish for.