I think it’s something we have all stumbled across on social media. You’re scrolling down, and in between video clips of smiling sloths and pictures of babies with caked smashed all over their faces, we see something that makes us pause and take a read.

Go Fund Me pages and links for someone that has died, and left behind a spouse and kids in need. This is usually after a sudden death, where there has been no time to prepare, no forewarning.

And it’s tragic. Losing someone we love is always life changing. But when someone dies young, with a young family, that sadness is multiplied. That person thought they had decades to go. Would watch their children grow up, have children of their own, would retire and eventually die in their own beds. Drifting away after a nice day gardening and a round of golf.

We see and hear stories like this all the time about young people. So why are we as parents not researching life insurance and buying policies as soon as we have a mini-me enter this world?

It’s shocking, really.  In a recent article of newswire.ca dated October 29, 2019, it was found that 49% of Canadians with dependents surveyed have never purchased life insurance before.

Half of us with children are walking around acting like we are invincible to death. Not thinking about what would happen to our children and how much our spouse would struggle should we happen to drop dead tomorrow.

Not only would our partner and children suffer emotionally with dealing with our loss. They would also have the weight of the world on those sobbing shoulders wondering how they will pay for everything on their own. They will have to pay for your funeral, which will cost at least $5000 on average in Canada. They will presumably want to take time off work, to have the peace at home to mourn for you and to comfort and be there for the kids. The mortgage, credit card and other debts, etc…. will still be there waiting to be paid. And it will be them alone left trying to figure out how to sort everything out and deal with the loss of you and your income.

We need to stop thinking we are going to live together. As soon as you have a baby, if not before, we should ensure we have term life insurance policies in place. It should really be mandatory, like car insurance. But it’s not. It’s up to us as individuals to be the best parents we can be…and that means visiting www.dropdeadlifeinsurance.ca today and applying. It’s such a fast and easy process and is so affordable. The younger you are when you buy it, the cheaper it is. Don’t wait until its too late. Do it…that means now!