Do you want your children to have a Head Start in life? Good. So do we. I bought my son a Head Start when he was 31 days old. What is a Head Start? 

A Head Start is a permanent life insurance policy for your children. With a Head Start, you contribute a fixed amount of money each year for 20 years. This money is put into a fund at the life insurance company where it grows at about 6% tax free each year. This growth is tax free and it vests (cannot go down) ever year. Let’s use an example: you start your child’s Head Start at 1 years of age. If you invest $5000 a year into the Head Start for 20 years, that’s 100 grand. Your child will have about $150,000 of tax-free money at 20 years old and $6 million dollars when they reach 100 years of age. All tax free. Sweet. 

You essentially have given your children a Head Start in life. You can use that money to pay for their education, for a down payment on their first house, or to buy a car. It’s a flexible and tax efficient way to pass cash onto your children in a simple and systematic way. You could call it a warm hand shake inheritance. You’re alive, your hands are warm, and you have given your kids their inheritance. Nice and easy. Fast forward to when your kids are 20, and already they have cash and life insurance and you’re free and clear to enjoy your hard-earned money because you have taken care of their inheritance. You and your children are way ahead of the curve. Smart planning folks!!

Why is a Head Start better than a RESP? Head Starts are more stable than RESPs. Head Starts do not fluctuate with the markets. Don’t put your children’s future into the hands of the unknown. That’s just plain reckless. So too, RESPs do not have a death benefit because they are not life insurance. With a Head Start you get cash and a death benefit. 2 benefits for the price of one. Yes you got it; you’re using one dollar twice!!! Your head start gives your kid $150,000 ish at 20 and about $750,000 of death benefit at 20. So, your kids never have to buy life insurance because you bought it for them before they could even walk. Wow you’re great parent!! Well done.  

All we need to get you started is your precious child birth date, how much you want to put in a year, and if they are a boy or a girl. We will do the rest.  

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Become a living legend today. Buy a Head Start today from dropdead Insurance. It’s the smart thing to do and your children will thank you for forever.