Talking or thinking about life insurance usually isn’t on the top of people’s priority list. The thought of death scares a lot of people, so blowing off buying life insurance is an easy thing to do. We are here to tell you that buying life insurance is extremely important and will help your family out in the long run. If you are curious, here are some of the main reasons why people don’t buy life insurance. If you notice you do one (or all) of these examples, you might want to spend the next 15 minutes applying for your term life insurance with dropdead.

It’s Way Too Expensive

With home and auto insurance, as well as child care expenses taking up most of your budget, you may think that getting another insurance policy will take up the rest of your money, leaving you with nothing to splurge with. There are two reasons why you are wrong about this aspect, 1) a term life insurance policy can cost less than what you pay for your daily coffee, 2) if you think you are tight on money now, it will be even tighter if something happens to you.

I Don’t Need Life Insurance Because I’m Healthy

If you work out every day and keep to a healthy diet as best as you can, you may think that having life insurance is a waste of time and money. However, when you are at your peak physical and health condition, it is the best time to have life insurance as your premiums will be a lot lower than if you were sick or injured. Sh!t happens, make sure you are covered to keep your mind and your family at ease.

I Don’t Have Children

One of the major reasons that people do get life insurance is because they have children. Many people just assume that if they don’t have kids then they don’t need life insurance. This shouldn’t be the case because we are sure that somebody could benefit financially if you did need to use your life insurance policy. Having life insurance ensures that somebody like your partner, sibling, cousin or parent will still be financially taken care of if life gets to you.

Only Old People or Babies Need Life Insurance

If you don’t spend your day watching The Price is Right or rolling around on the floor babbling gibberish, you may think that life insurance doesn’t apply to you. While most life insurance commercials during day time TV target the elderly, you should still think about getting your own policy as it will help out your family if something happens to you. All you need is 15 minutes to apply for life insurance with dropdead!

I’ll Get To It Later

Life insurance shouldn’t be treated like that garden you were supposed to plant at the start of spring last year. If you are reading this and have said “I’ll buy life insurance later” a few times this year, click this link and get a quote now! All it takes is 15 minutes to get a quote, you can get to the garden after!

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At dropdead, we make buying term life insurance easy. Browse our website to calculate your insurance needs, get a quote in 15 minutes, or call us with any questions you have, we are always here to help!