Dads in Canada are a special breed. We work hard for the almighty Canadian dollar. Many of us were born in other countries and came here for a better life for us and our loved ones. For those of us born in Canada, we embrace Dads from all over the world. That’s the Canadian way. United in our Canadian dinner jackets, poutine and sweet maple syrup, we do the best we can for friends and family alike.

So, what are we going to do for Father’s Day post “the situation”? I just can’t bring myself to say the word. We can’t really treat Dad to a show or meal in a restaurant without massive amounts of annoyance and stupidity swirling around. Mmm, what can we do? I know!! Buy Dad the gift that keeps on giving…. term life insurance. These days it’s simple, fast and affordable to get great term life insurance. That helps Dad and the family. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Not that we are encouraging you to kill birds. This is about your very special Dad on his special day. Let’s keep the birds alive and out of the term life insurance conversation.

Dad can get up to $450,000 of coverage with no medical tests and just 15 questions. If your Dad is like mine, we know how they like to be efficient with their time, not to mention their money. This is a good plan, buy Dad term life insurance this year and then you can work on a big shindig next year. You will have plenty of money for the party because you spent so little on term life insurance with dropdead.

Our term life insurance at dropdead is as durable as your Dad and his sneakers he still has from his university days. Our term policy lasts for 20 years…. that’s a nice chunk of time. Dad will like that…. durable and stable. Just like your pops!!! Giving the gift of life insurance is a very personal gift. It shows how much you love Dad way more than a cooking class ever will. Or god forbid, another tie that he really does not need or like.

Dad is an old pro at looking after the family and providing for his loved ones. The sooner you buy term life insurance for him, the better. Term life insurance gets more expensive the older you get. So, don’t delay buying it, unless you hate money… then go ahead and procrastinate for the foreseeable future.

Did we mention term life insurance is tax free to the person receiving the money? Nope, well it is 100% tax free. That’s pretty cool. By purchasing term life insurance, you’ll be helping take care of expenses (tax free) if you were to die, including the cost of a funeral, your children’s college expenses, the mortgage and more. The proverbial gift that keeps on giving? Life insurance is it.

Don’t wait till it’s too late. dropdead term life insurance is the best and cheapest life insurance solution you could wish.