The simple answer is… no one ever in the history of man does not need term life insurance.

Why would you ever consider dying with no one getting paid? That’s just a waste. Even if you don’t have kids, a house or any responsibility, you still need term life insurance.

Give the cash to an animal shelter, clean the oceans or save a rhino. Do something useful before they stuff you into a pine box or you get fed into the oven. Pay it forward. At least your death can have a super positive impact on your community or the planet in general.

Hang on….what if, maybe, just maybe, you want to have kids in the future….. What if your health deteriorates and you don’t qualify for term life insurance before then? Should you buy life insurance now before it gets too expensive or your get sick and become uninsurable?” Obviously yes!!

Buying coverage before you need it is the best thing to do. That shows you’re smart and ahead of the curve. Unlike the person couch surfing, or the cellar dweller in your house that you’re trying to get rid of.

How much does life insurance cost?

A 20-year, $450,000 term life insurance policy costs around $35/month for someone in their 30s. For a lot of people, that can be enough coverage to keep their families protected.

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Fortunately, the younger you are, the more affordable your life insurance will probably be. In most cases, it’s smart to lock in a low monthly rate when you’re young because it’ll stay at that price for the entire term of your policy. Your price will never increase for 20 years. Staying nice and cheap!!

Buy now and be smarter and better than your friends.

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