dropdead wants to change the narrative of term life insurance from a sold product to a bought product. What do we mean by this?

Some products are sold; such as life insurance, financial services, used cars, etc..

On the flip side, a bought product is a doctor or a dentist a veterinarian, etc..

For example, visiting a doctor is a bought product but life insurance is a sold product. When you visit the doctor, you are called a patient. You sit and wait and think the doctor is so great that he is helping you blah blah blah. He may be a total idiot, but you’re still buying from him. You don’t feel sold. Why is that?

People feel they are being sold term life insurance… unfortunately that’s largely due to the massive number of incompetent brokers in the market.

It’s the old joke of feeling greasy after speaking to a term life insurance agent that just wants the sale to generate commission because that’s his only source of income.

It’s a crying shame really because life insurance is super important. Don’t even start with that “I can self-insure” bullsh!t, you’re smarter than that!

Let’s get into some tangible examples.

When you go and buy a new car, can you drive off the lot without having car insurance? No you cannot. So now you have insured a depreciating asset, your car.

Next you take that same piece of sh!t car and drive it to the hospital to pick up your newborn child. Can you leave the hospital holding your precious bundle of joy without a car seat in that car? No you cannot.

But wait!!!! You can leave the hospital without term life insurance. That is so incredibly dumb it should be illegal.

Just like car insurance and car seats are mandatory, so should the purchase of term life insurance be mandatory if you have children. It’s so ultra-irresponsible to have a kid and not have coverage.

You can make up a thousand bullsh!t reasons about how you don’t need term life insurance, but be real with yourself. If you die with no coverage, your kids are in a significantly worse position. Do your loved ones a solid and buy the best term life insurance solution Ontario has to offer from dropdead term life insurance.

Money may not buy happiness, but life without any money sux balls. If your kids have no cash, you just failed as a parent.

Now stop procrastinating and log onto www.dropdeadlifeinsurance.ca Be a decent human being and look after your affairs.

Don’t wait till it’s too late. dropdead term life insurance is the best and cheapest life insurance solution you could wish for.