Up until a month and a half ago I was working full time in health care. Today, I’m writing a blog on how I came to switch my whole life around to be in the term life insurance business. Never ever would I have seen that flip coming.

I was working in community health care. My days would consist of me driving around to 7-8 client’s houses a day and assisting people with a variety of health issues. It’s a whirlwind way to spend your days, for sure. Each client is a short visit, I would have an hour maximum to assess my clients and address their health care needs. It was exhausting, physically and mentally. But……I loved it, it was fulfilling and I loved knowing I was bringing happiness and compassion and care to people.

This had been my world for the past couple years. Going back to college to study this field (on my own, with 2 sons, after being at home with them for 11 years), after the end of a relationship that had spanned 14 years was not easy.  I had zero desire to head back into the legal field, which is what I had been involved in pre kids. I had to start and plan my whole life from scratch, with my boys alongside.

I wanted to do something where I would feel like I was helping people. That I was really changing people’s lives, making them better and easier and happier.

Would you believe I now have the same feeling working in the term life insurance industry as I had in healthcare? I sure wouldn’t have thought so….

When the dropdead CEO Derryn brought up the subject one day of me coming to work with the company, my first thought was “Hell no.” Life insurance? All uptight suits and smoozing and trying to upsell people. I mean, I adore Derryn, he’s the love of my life. I know he’s not like that…. but my overall view of the industry he is in was not the most positive one. We all know how insurance brokers are portrayed in movies. I was honored Derryn wanted me beside him for this journey, but I’ll stick with my scrubs and gloves, thank you.  How would I ever derive any self-fulfillment from that?

Derryn told me his story of why it is his passion to bring affordable life insurance to Canadians. And what can happen without a term policy
( https://dropdeadlifeinsurance.ca/derryns-story/ ) He explained to me about his company, dropdeadlifeinsurance.ca and how they were different. How making the all mighty dollar was not their top priority. This isn’t a giant, faceless corporation. This is Derryn’s dream, with 3 other key dudes, they have worked their bums off to make this a viable product for Canadians.

Derryn told me that surprisingly, he too feels he makes people’s lives better. I was bringing comfort and care to the people I was seeing in life. His importance happens after death, when the family of the person that passed are left behind. He brings comfort and peace and security at the worst time in their lives.

I came to realize this as I took a leave from my job to explore this new world. The more I read and learned about the company, the more I realized how life insurance has changed. In particular, the way dropdead chooses to bring awareness to Canadians on why they need term life insurance and then helps them apply for that at the lowest possible rate. Everything is simple and straightforward and all done online. There is a chat box for anyone that needs some help, but the whole application can be done independently without speaking to anyone.

This is a company that is truly unique. And I do find it very rewarding to be a part of a service that I find now….essential. To me, it really should be mandatory to have life insurance if you have children under the age of 18. (I, by the way, did not have a term life insurance before this venture).

I still fill in casually when I can in the community. I wasn’t ready to completely give that up. Maye I never will be. But I get just as much satisfaction and happiness knowing I’m a part of something amazing, and that is providing Canadians with a term life insurance product that is honest and as cheap as possible.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Check out www.dropdeadlifeinsurance.ca and see for yourself how easy it is to apply and be approved.